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Unfortunately, none of us know what fate has in store for us and something such as an unexpected fire, water damage, or storm can cause serious problems to your property resulting in damage and losses. In cases such as these it can be difficult to know which way to turn, especially if the damage is severe. Fortunately, one thing you can do is contact a reputable and reliable restoration services provider, which will enable you to gain access to around the clock emergency services to get the main issues sorted out without delay.
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About ZOR Restoration

When you suffer severe damage from water, storms, or fire at your property, the whole experience can become extremely stressful. Not only are you left with the overall stress of the situation to deal with, but you also have to sort out cleaning up the property as well as getting insurance claims sorted out. At ZOR Restoration we can help to reduce the stress and problems you are left to deal with by providing full service restoration. Whether the damage your property has been exposed to is minor or major you can rely on ZOR Restoration to act swiftly and get the job done both professionally and efficiently.

The professionals at ZOR Restoration are able to help every step of the way if you have fallen victim to fire, storm, or water damage and have been left with loss or damage of property as a result. Not only are we on hand to deal with the cleanup of the property but we are able to able to help in other areas such as temporary heat and electric, boarding up the property, all debris removal, smoke odor control, water remediation, and even emergency food and clothing. In addition to this, we also deal with all insurance matters on your behalf so you are not left to deal with red tape and phone calls at a time that will already be difficult enough for you.

As a local owned business rather than part of a franchise we offer exemplary service to all of our clients, which is something that we pride ourselves on. We realize how stressful this type of situation can be and our aim is to provide you with emergency assistance, promptly and conveniently, to make things as easy as possible for you. Our objective is to reduce the impact that this type of situation can cause emotionally, financially, and physically.

Our team of workers has expertise in a number of different areas, from years of insurance related experience to experience in providing cleanup services, plumbing services, and more. While we cannot help you to avoid the type of damage that can occur from unexpected events such as storms or fires, what we can do is to ensure that the impact on your life and your home is minimized and that everything is sorted out as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to reduce the stress and difficulties that you are left to face.