Temporary Electric

If you experience fire, water or storm damage at your property you could find that you are left without any electric or that you are unable to use the electric, which can cause further issues at what will already be a stressful enough time. Of course, you need to have lighting available in your home in order for professionals to come out after the damage has been done to carry out assessments or do work. However, without electrics this is something that will clearly be very difficult.

As professionals in this field with a lot of experience and expertise, the team at Zor Restoration is able to sort out temporary electric on your behalf, which will help to ease the burden somewhat and will make it easier for subsequent checks and works to be carried out. Once we have sorted out your electric, which is something that we will do with speed and efficiency, you can go ahead and arrange for professionals to come out and do their work.

We realize how important it is for your temporary electric to be sorted out as quickly as possible, so we work fast to ensure that this is done with maximum efficiency. This helps to avoid any potentially costly and stressful delays that you might otherwise experience as a result of being left without any electrics at your property following the fire or other damage that has been sustained. You can then rest a little easier knowing that professionals such as the mitigation crew or loss adjusters can get into your property and carry out their work with greater speed and efficiency.