Office Space

As the owner or manager of an office, you will be well aware of the importance of keeping things ticking along at a healthy pace in order to ensure that the business continues to operate smoothly. However, if your office space is hit by an unexpected disaster such as fire, flooding or storms, you could find that everything is thrown into disarray and it becomes difficult or impossible to manage your business from that location until things have been sorted out.

In order to minimize on the disruption and financial losses that this sort of disaster could cause, it is advisable to call on the experts to help get things back on track. At ZOR Restoration you can rest assured that our expert teams will provide you with not only exemplary service but also speed and efficiency to get you back up and running as soon as possible. We offer a range of services to offices that find themselves thrown into chaos after flooding, storms or fire, and this includes:

  • The delivery of emergency clean up services
  • The removal of all debris created by the damage
  • Emergency board up services where applicable
  • Arranging temporary heating and electrics
  • Plumbing repair services, available around the clock
  • Water removal in the event of flooding
  • Item cleaning
  • Picture and data restoration services

In addition to this, we can further assist you by providing help when it comes to your insurance claim, with the aim of speeding things up and getting the best outcome for you so that you can get back to running your office as quickly as possible.