Smoke Odor & Soot Removal

Suffering a fire at your residential or commercial property can cause a huge variety of problems, from the destruction of belongings and structural damage to your property through to smoke odor and soot in the property. After a fire there is a lot of work to be carried out in addition to cleaning up the debris that has been created, and this includes the removal of smoke odor and soot.

At ZOR Restoration we are able to offer our services in order to get smoke odor and soot removed with speed and efficiency so that your home or commercial property is cleaned up as quickly as possible. We have experts that have experience and skill when it comes to this type of work, so you can expect very high standards while also benefitting from a friendly and professional service.

With our smoke odor and soot removal services we can help to rid your property of the lingering and pungent odor of smoke while also carrying out a proper clean to ensure that the property is free from the soot generated by the fire. This is part of a full restoration services that we offer to those affected by fire, with additional services including a full cleanup, boarding up, ozone treatment, and even assistance when it comes to filing your insurance claim.