If you experience a serious incident at your property involving problems such as fire, flooding or storm related issues you may find that the damage is so bad that you have to consider reconstruction, which is of course a very daunting and potentially lengthy process. On top of this, you have the added worry of getting your belongings sorted our as well as getting the property cleared to a point where you can start looking at reconstruction.

At Zor Restoration we understand the importance of getting your property prepared for reconstruction as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we have an expert team on hand that will help you to do this. We offer a range of different services to assist you, and this can help to speed up the whole process so that reconstruction can get underway as soon as possible and with minimal delays.

There are many different ways in which Zor Restoration can help you when it comes to getting your home ready for reconstruction, which includes services such as:

  • Demolition services
  • A move in/move out service
  • Dealing with structural damage
  • An onsite cleanup service
  • The provision of a Zor project manager
  • Obtaining relevant and necessary building permits

All of these are tasks that need to be carried out by professionals with experience and expertise in their respective fields. You can rest assured that all of the professionals that work at Zor have the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise to carry out this type of work with total professionalism, efficiency and speed, enabling you to get on with sorting out your reconstruction project without any unnecessary delays.