Just a note about our experience with Zor Construction. We had a problem with our roof and called Zor. They came out and discovered we had hail damage.

They then met with our insurance adjuster and handled the claim for us. Andy kept us informed during the whole process. The started the job right away and their work was excellent.

the siding was completed in one day! Then because of weather we had to wait a few days before Zor could start replacing our roof. Again the job was completed in one day!

We can’t say enough about Zor or Andy, they did excellent work and were very fast and we appreciated that they kept us informed during the process and negotiated with our insurance company for us.

We would highly recommend Zor.

Jayne & Greg A.

I came home to a situation with a flooded basement at my home one evening and needed emergency service to remove the water. I called Zor Restoration and told them what was going on. They were able to send someone over immediately to take care of the water removal and fix the source of the leak. I was really grateful that they were able to send someone over right away or the problem would have been a lot worse. Unfortunately there was a lot of water damage to the floors and walls once the water was removed from the basement and this was going to need to be taken care of quickly too. I also had Zor Restoration do the cleanup and reconstruction of the basement. I ended up having them take care of the whole restoration project. They were professional from start to finish and paid special attention to detail. I am really pleased with the quality service I received and that they were there when I needed them!

T. Conrad

We had a fire in our home that caused a lot of damage to the interior. The wall, some of the floors and ceiling was scorched and there was smoke damage throughout the house. This was a huge mess and we needed a service that specialized in getting everything cleaned up as well as the light construction to get the place livable again. A neighbor recommended Zor Restoration. I called and had one of their experts come over to give me a free consultation on what we needed to do. They inspected the home and told us what we were up against. I felt satisfied that they were a professional operation that could handle the job and gave them the contract. They went to work right away and kept me informed of the progress along the way. They were professional, on time and hardworking people. By the time they were done the house looked like new and devoid of the smell of smoke too. I am really happy with the job they did for us and I highly recommend them!

Michael Denning