Item Cleaning

If your home or commercial property has been damaged as a result of water, there is a good chance that many of the items within the building will have sustained some level of damage. Burst pipes, damaged roofing, weather conditions, and sewage problems can all result in your property being water damaged, and this in turn can mean that your belongings suffer damage to varying extents.

While you may find that some of your belongings suffer irreparable damage as a result of the water, there are others that may simply need thorough and professional cleaning in order to get them back to a decent state. At ZOR Restoration, we offer a full restoration service following damage caused by water and flooding. This includes the provision of an item cleaning service, which means that you can get many of your damaged items back to their original state through a thorough and professional clean.

If you experience flooding that causes debris and damage to items in your home or business premises, you can call on our team of experts to come out and take a look in order to assess the damage. We can offer cleaning of eligible items as well as water removal and the cleaning up of debris at your property. This can help to minimize on the damage caused as well as help you to get your home or workplace back to normal as quickly as possible.